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Robot companies, profit is the last word


As the "pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown", robot research and development, manufacturing and application have become an important symbol to measure the level of scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing. In 2021, China's robot industry income exceeded 1300 billion yuan, the output of industrial robots reached 36,6 units, an increase of 2015 times over 10, industrial robot applications have covered 60 industry categories and 168 industries in the national economy, and the density of China's manufacturing robots reached 322 units / 2012,13 people, an increase of <> times over <>. Service robots have played an important role in education, medical care, logistics and other fields, and have constantly given birth to new industries, new models and new formats.

Industrial Automation Industry In-depth Report: Investment opportunities in the industrial chain from the perspective of domestic substitution


Industrial Automation - The "Pearl" of Intelligent Manufacturing In the report "One of the Series Reports of China-Japan Manufacturing Industry - China's Manufacturing Upgrade from the Perspective of Japanese Manufacturing", we reviewed the development history of Japan's manufacturing industry and its market performance, and Japan provided valuable experience for China. China and Japan both take

The manufacturing industry has picked up, and changes in demand have triggered a "watershed" effect in the robot industry, and enterprises have accelerated their layout upstream and downstream


In the first half of the year, the epidemic scattered frequently, affecting the production and delivery of China's manufacturing industry, but according to the output of industrial robots released by the Bureau of Statistics on October 10, it reached 31,321100 sets,

Grinding robots will usher in accelerated development


In fact, grinding robots have been applied in foreign countries for a long time, and China has only begun to receive attention and attention in recent years. However, with the joint help of demand, enterprises, policies, etc.,

What are the advantages of grinding robots


The traditional manual polishing production method has problems such as low efficiency and high cost. The limitations of manual grinding not only seriously hinder the development of the grinding industry itself,

Introduction to the specific application of grinding robots


Grinding robot using cutting software and machining force control technology, as well as spindle, tool magazine, turntable and other configuration, can replace manual and deburring machine tools, this article is introduced by Coston manufacturers about the specific application of grinding robots, let's understand together.
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